Craniosacral Therapy

Life is Motion

All life needs movement to remain healthy. Without movement we become sick. Tissues waste away, cells clog up with toxins and fluids become stagnant.

As well as external movement, we express motion within us. Our bodies are full of rhythms and currents. The heart, lungs and intestines rhythmically expand and contract to function properly.

Another more subtle pulsation underlies these more obvious rhythms. This emerges from the core of the body; and is expressed as an inherent fluctuation of the Cerebrospinal Fluid, which bathes the Central Nervous System. The bones of the cranium and the sacrum (at the base of the spine) move to accommodate this fluctuation.

This subtle rhythmic expression of life can be felt as a tide like motion throughout the whole body. It is carried through the body’s internal fluids (we are about 70%fluid) and every cell pulsates as it expresses the ‘Tide’.

Free flowing fluidity and cellular motility is essential to the health of all the different systems of the body and to our physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Treatment is non-invasive and works with your body to do what it needs to do, rather than impose an idea of what it should be doing.

The ‘Tide’ that we work with in Craniosacral Therapy is an expression of inherent ‘Intelligence’ at work in your body that is always trying to move towards balance and wholeness. This inherent ‘Intelligence’ is called Primary Respiration, which is differentiated from the respiration that we associate with the lungs. It is a subtle animating force that breathes life into every cell of your body and as such is known as ‘the Breath of Life.’

By using gentle touch to stimulate the Breath of Life Craniosacral Therapy works from the inside out, rather than trying to force change from the outside in. By supporting the movement towards balance that is already at work in your body, Craniosacral Therapy offers the opportunity for the resolution of traumatic and disease patterns to occur, with the least intrusion possible. Your body sets the pace and its capacity to express health is enhanced as treatment progresses.

During a typical Craniosacral treatment feelings of warmth and relaxation are often experienced, as the body lets go of patterns of habitual holding. For the full benefits of Craniosacral Therapy a series of treatments are usually recommended. Sessions last up to an hour and are normally done without needing to remove clothes.

Is Craniosacral Therapy for me?

Treatment is suitable for people of all ages. I have worked with newborns through to the elderly.

People come to Craniosacral Therapy for many different reasons. Some come with specific health issues, such as headaches, bad backs, digestive problems, allergies, exhaustion, asthma etc. Others come following a trauma such as an accident or surgery.

There is a growing number of people who come to explore how they have embodied birth and childhood traumas or unresolved emotional issues. Many find Craniosacral Therapy beneficial in dealing with stress and stress-related problems. Some people come just because they have heard about Craniosacral Therapy and would like to give it a try. Yet others have felt its benefits in relation to a particular condition and go on to have treatment to support their capacity for health and well-being.

If you are interested and have any questions about the suitability of Craniosacral Therapy for a specific condition, please feel free to contact me. I often recommend an initial session so that you can get a sense of the work and of me. No amount of information can really convey what the work is about. It is only when you have an experience of the work that you can really know if is for you.